The DS7 SUV Is Ready For The Chinese Car Market And It Is Kind Of Cool

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The DS7 SUV Is Ready For The Chinese Car Market And It Is Kind Of Cool

Mesajde Vasea30 » Dum 15-Apr-2018 05:58

The DS7 SUV Is Ready For The Chinese Car Market And It Is Kind Of Cool ... d-of-cool/ ... 00x500.jpg

This is the new DS7 SUV, it will be launched on the Chinese car market later this month. It is the new flagship of the DS range in China and arguably the coolest DS so far. It looks great inside and out, and I just dig the enormous DS badge on the grille. Showing off is glorious! ... 00x441.jpg

This paint job helps a lot too. It is a dark shade of orange that seems matte from some angles and shiny from others. The mirrors are interesting too, the upper part is painted in black, so it seemingly morphs into the window. ... 00x487.jpg

The light unit is ultra sharp and ultra shiny. Pipe tips are huge. The only letdown here are the ugly red fog lights in the bumper. ... 00x533.jpg

The interior of any DS is a fine place to be, but most are over-done, simply too much friggles and wiggles. This one though seems perfectly in balance. ... 00x533.jpg

The digital instrument panel looks properly 2025. Flappy pedals to speed up that 1.6 turbo with 217 hp and 300 Nm.

Proper power but the DS7 is a big car: 4570/1890/1620, and wheelbase is 2740. The DS7 is based on the PSA EMP2 platform. It is made in China at the Changan-PSA joint venture that builds the entire DS range. The normal Citroen and Peugeot branded cars are made at Dongfeng-PSA.

Price of the DS7 will start around 250,000 and end around 350,000 yuan. ... 00x533.jpg

The main touch screen appears to float in the cabin. The infotainment system is playing a song by Johnny Hallyday, the famous French rocker who recently departed to heavenly stages. ... 00x533.jpg

One could almost call this center tunnel a work of art. ... 00x533.jpg

And the same goes for this combined clock and stop-start button ensemble. The clock is branded B.R.M., a French watch maker. ... 00x533.jpg

More buttons on a dome mounted console, including the alarm button. ... 00x533.jpg ... 00x533.jpg ... 00x585.jpg

The could have ditched the badge on the bonnet. ... 00x652.jpg ... 00x488.jpg

The new Changan-PSA DS7 for China, totally cool, and check again that mirror trick.


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